The Importance of Godly Wisdom

We live in such a harried world that it is a struggle to find the time or energy to devote to God and family. When we find a respite in our busy schedule, we seek comfort or entertainment to allow us to relax from a stressful and exhausting schedule. What we seldom realize is today’s world is by design and its sole purpose is to keep us from learning and sharing God’s words.

The treasures of scripture answer the age old question of why the good seem to suffer and evil appears to prosper, and warns about the spiritual warfare in which we are engaged. The evil we face is so malevolent and desperate that we are all in jeopardy, especially our children. They, like us sometimes ask God why we are so harried, why we often suffer heartache and why He does not provide His help in what we think is a timely fashion.

When we don’t know why we suffer or why some problems won’t resolve, we can despair, and despair which the enemy uses to block the blessings within Godly pursuits. We don’t realize that we are pawns used to prevent God from completing His plan of salvation. We don’t understand that we can thwart evil when we tap into God’s words and the power of the perfect plan God placed into the physics of our world.

I write Christian novels and while my stories are fiction, they portray the struggles and questions we all have about life. My characters demonstrate that we are not alone, that others also have heartache, feel despair and have asked “why”. Exhausted from their battles, seeing no end to their problems and no reason for them, my characters turn to God, and learning God’s words provides them with an understanding of why they are under attack, by whom, and how they can win their battles.

Godly wisdom helps us fight harder and wiser. But when we do not understand evil, when we wonder why we experience heartache, we strengthen the evil, and lose our hope. We are in a desperate battle…..a fierce and unrelenting battle where our enemy must attack and must win to prolong his life. He is in a life or death battle and not only targets us, but targets our children and grandchildren.

We can’t fight an enemy we don’t know exists. We can’t effectively fight an enemy when we don’t know how to identify him, and don’t know how or why he attacks. Sadly, few understand this, and if we do not understand, we cannot teach our children. Thus, fewer and fewer children learn of their powerful and selective enemy and grow into adults with no understanding of evil and cannot teach their own children how to be overcomers.

In recent years, there has been an incredible rally of political interest and awareness. Huge numbers of individuals are gravely concerned for their country. Along with this awareness is a new appreciation of the values we have taken for granted and the gifts that God gave our country because of its Christian principles. Many have joined in a refusal to accept the loss of these values and the loss of freedom that would accompany such a loss. This newfound appreciation of God’s gifts has led to a populous eager to learn. They are determined to educate their children properly and demand that school systems, text books, teachers, politicians, church boards and ministers, and elected officials put integrity first and become role models willing to uphold godly values.

Truly loving God requires that we learn and follow His words. It is through God’s words that we know Him and understand why we face battles. This has inspired me to write novels about good and evil and tell gripping stories of people who struggle as we do to understand their lives and learn what to do. My challenge as a writer is to teach while entertaining and comforting, and to explain how to fight the contemporary conditions we face.

Loss can jolt us out of complacency. As we realize what we may lose, we have turned to the principles taught in scripture knowing that as Biblical values are lost, so are mankind’s ability to identify the lies and rhetoric similar to those told by Satan to trap Eve. “Is it really not okay if you…….Are you sure God meant……..Surely it’s okay if you……Is there really a God who cares about you….?” It is the tiniest tweaking, the tiniest perversion of God’s words that bring confusion. Confusion begets doubt, indecision, and then complacency. New religions are spawned from these evils and sadly, those similar to the new “collective” redemption theory are deadly to the soul and to our country.

In recent years, political corruption and terrorists have plotted the death of our faith, our way of life and our country. Political agendas and the corruption used to attain debased goals are no different than the murder of innocent people by terrorists who profess to love God. Both consciously bring harm to others and do so for personal reward. Matthew 22:39 describes what Christ said about how we should treat one another. “…………. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

An act that harms another is not God’s will. The real instigator of the heartache, hatred and confusion so rampant today is Satan who wants us to harm others and to worship a god that draws us from the true meaning of Christ’s sacrifice. Spiritual warfare engages us every day of our lives and thus it is vitally important to learn what God wants us to know, and to cherish our faith and the Biblical values upon which our country was founded. We must also stand up for those gifts. We must cling to these liberties even if they are lost to the world.

There is much tumult today, much done in the name of God that opposes what God tells us in scripture. This can cause us to be afraid to become involved, complacent about the few who want to turn aside our Biblical principles in the name of social justice. The few who want to deny us these principles in schools, government, churches, the press, and books that indoctrinate our children are far outnumbered, yet they are winning. Their power comes from Satan and goes forth easily because we have not fought back.

Those who desiccate our freedoms and our faith have been given dire warnings from God. Thus we must stand firm and be role models who capture hearts. To accomplish this we must learn God’s words and live our faith every day, not just Sundays, and live our faith as Christ asks us to live it. But we must also fight for our faith and our values, and the beauty of our God-given Constitution or we too will be consumed by the terrors of evil. Christ faced the ultimate terror and He never backed down. He was and remains a role model for us in all things.

Amazingly, scripture clearly warns us of the enemy who brings such harm. Scripture tells us that Satan can blind men to God’s words, and cause them to act as they do. Each of us will answer for our actions, but we must also answer for the stumbling we cause a child of God. Mark 9:42 warns: “And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.”

The subtlety of our enemy and the spirits that serve him is a great danger. They lead us astray through envy and fear, complacency and exhaustion, perversions and addictions, hatred and misconceptions, money and power. Our enemy is not only clever, but also seductive, tempting and as dangerous as He was when he brought sin to everyone who ever lived or died. It is easy to forget that this powerful enemy still lurks today, more potent than ever, still the sly and enticing stalker who revels in the chaos of our daily lives. Satan rarely takes the obvious path and he uses people to harm people.

There is evil in this world. Many professing faith in God, act not by God’s words, but by the subtle influence of evil. If we do not know God’s words we become complacent in the face of social rather than equal justice, the destruction of our individual right to pray, the bias our children receive as education, a dishonest press, and a government filled with corruption. These provide Satan with a huge platform from which to work. We, like the characters in my novels must embrace the climb from the fall we have experienced and triumph over the evil that has drawn so many to its misconceptions. God’s word is our most potent protection. As we learn, and as we share the warnings and principles of scripture with others, we touch the heart of God.

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