Why God, Why?

Why God? Why?

Have you ever asked the question, “Why, God, why?”, or have perhaps asked “How long do I have to suffer?” Sadly, asking these questions can make us feel guilty; feel that we have failed God by not trusting Him or believing that what we go through is known by Him. Yet many have felt this same despair and asked these same questions.

Our troubles are not instigated by God but by Satan. We must remember that Satan’s power is so all-encompassing that he not only challenged God but also engaged in a war with God that he believes he can win. We tend to forget that Satan would never have begun such an effort if he thought that he would lose. That alone should tell us that Satan is a formidable enemy.

Our Heavenly Father has a far greater power and will win the spiritual war in which we are all engaged. Further, His plan of salvation will prevail despite Satan’s efforts. But we must acknowledge that we do not have a greater power than Satan nor even an equal power, and are thus pawns in Satan’s hands except for God’s protection and direction. The Biblical story of Job demonstrates how Satan can do with us as he pleases……. except for the limits placed on Satan’s power by God. This story also demonstrates that what Satan is allowed to do cannot destroy those who seek and love God.

Therefore, when we tire, when we become discouraged and when we question God, He understands. He has witnessed…and allowed….what we must go through. He uses our sorrow to our benefit and always brings from it a blessing. God suffered greatly as He witnessed the pain and sorrow that Christ endured and remembers that even Christ said in His agony, “Let this cup pass from me.” He suffers when we do as well.

Christ understood that He must endure His pain and suffering for a greater purpose. When His personal human fear and hurt became overwhelming, He nevertheless held firm to His purpose and told God emphatically, “Not My will, but Thy will be done”. We must follow Christ’s example and demonstrate our loyalty to and trust in God during difficult circumstances. It is not the questions we ask or the agony or anxiety we feel, or the weakness and failure we exhibit that God counts, but the final submission to His will that He looks for, and which will produce the miracle of transformation in our soul.

Satan wants us to feel guilty when we rail against our pain and question God. He knows that guilt makes it easy to wear us down and cause us to feel unworthy and to perhaps give up and give in. Satan’s goal is to provoke the loss of our faith, a loss of hope, and a lack of conviction that God will help us and He is always with us in our pain, limiting it and strengthening us to bear it. But, we must remember that if God brought us to it, He will lead us safely through it.

Sadly, few understand the nature of Satan or the power given to him. Nor do they understand his goals or God’s plan of salvation, and without that understanding we languish longer in our pain than is necessary. To become a child of God for all eternity we must be shaped, and can be shaped more quickly when we understand what is happening and why.

Spiritual warfare is real and the battle between good and evil and the temptation of evil is what directs us to the most important decision we could ever make…..what path to take in our life. That choice or even lack of choice will impact us throughout eternity. It is our free will with which we make this choice, and our free will which provides the determination we need to follow that choice. By understanding that we must choose between good and evil and knowing what this entails, we can gain a certain amount of control over the length and breadth of what it takes for our development.

Scripture explains that extracting a nugget of gold from the earth does not create the precious purity and beauty we seek from gold; it must be placed in fire to be refined. Scripture likens that process to us….that for us to be prepared for an eternity with God we must have evil intent extracted and love refined…both through the fire of our trials and tribulations. The willing heart can make this happen more quickly while the hardened heart may never attain that success.

Thus, when we ask God “Why?” and when we plead for intercession and wonder why our prayers are not answered in the time frame we think they should be, we need to ask ourselves if we understand God’s plan of salvation and truly understand what Satan wants with us. Knowing this will help us recognize Satan and, as Christ taught us, to respond by saying “Get thee behind me Satan” and move toward the goal of our faith.

Satan has learned that subtleness works best to draw us… slowly and insidiously… toward accepting what is evil. He is rarely blatant. Therefore we must learn to watch and discern even the smallest vestiges of evil and to spurn it before it obtains a place in our heart. We cannot do this is we do not know what God considers evil. There is far more to loving one another than what we see on the surface. Scripture clearly warns that many evil spirits can enter hearts that are not protected by the Word and Holy Spirit of God.

All of us labor under sin…Adam and Eve’s sin, and the sins of our forefathers allowed Satan access to us in the first place and our own sins perpetuate further access. Without this understanding and the armour that will help us fight these truths we will not be found worthy to share God’s kingdom; not be taken at the First Resurrection, nor found in the Lamb’s book of life on Judgment Day.

The unrepentant heart allows Satan to obtain a life threatening hold on that soul and allows Satan to blind them to the truth. If we refuse to acknowledge our sins or ask God for forgiveness, nor ask forgiveness of those we may have harmed, the bondage under which Satan holds us will remain in place. The unrepentant heart is one of mankind’s greatest dangers.

But when we are repentant and we strive to be an overcomer, even if we fail from time to time, God forgives us. And when we understand God’s plan and Satan’s power and why we suffer, we never have to feel guilty when we ask for strength or when we temporarily become discouraged. If we have done our part by learning God’s words, His plan, His explanation of our earthly goals, it’s okay to ask God “Why” and ask Him to intervene in our suffering.

Scripture provides us with the promise from God that if, with a pure heart, we ask… we shall receive and if we seek… we shall find. God has provided us with everything we need, but we have to tap into what He has given us by learning what God tells us through scripture. We can ask Him to direct our path to Godly wisdom and to open our hearts to what He wants to teach us so we can quickly learn and become all that God has seen possible in us.

When we know what God asks of us and strive to do as He asks, when we feel discouraged and are almost ready to give up, yet find the strength to still utter, “Thy will be done”, we win, God rejoices and Satan loses…. and our future is assured.

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